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        Antique & Modern Cabinets, Inc. can provide for all of your cabinet needs, large or small. We can build custom wood and/or plastic laminate cabinetry, desks, and built-ins to suit your needs. Here are just a few samples of what we can do for you:

        Laminated Cabinetry

        You will find our laminated cabinetry in many area business offices, hospitals, and medical facilities.

        Custom finished Cabinetry

        We have provided custom finished cabinetry for many local golf pro shops, locker rooms, law offices, clubhouses and train cars to name a few.

        Reception Desks

        Our handiwork graces many local reception areas. We can custom build to suit any size or style.

        Single and Multi-family kitchens

        We will meet any remodel or new construction need, whether for your personal home or multi-family construction.

        Repair options for existing desks or cabinetry

        Onsite touch up can be arranged for stained desks or cabinetry. We provide Full refinishing of furniture at our shop (We can pick up and deliver if required)as well as Plastic laminate repair and refacing

        Solid Surface Countertop Products

        We have the ability to template and install the following countertops in 2 weeks or less: Granite, Corian, Zodiaq, Silestone, Viatera, Hanex to name just a few


        Quality Cabinetry


        Custom or Stock woodwork


        Countertops or Refinish Work