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        Antique & Modern Cabinets is a family owned and operated business. We currently service Northeast Florida and the surrounding areas and we specialize in all aspects of Commercial Cabinetry

        • Care
        • Installation
        • Preference

        Our Handiwork Graces Many Local Reception Areas. We Can Custom Build To Suit Any Size Or Style.

        • Affordable
        • Quality Check
        • Support

        We have provided custom finished cabinetry for many local golf pro shops, locker rooms, law offices, clubhouses and train cars to name a few.

        Our Latest Projects




        Custom Cabinets


        Reception Desks


        Laminated Woodwork


          When you have a need for quality custom or stock cabinetry, countertops or refinish work, please add us to your "invited to bid list" or contact us directly. You will find our phone, fax, and email addresses on the Contact Us page.

        • THANK YOU

          We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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